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Island Dog is Saint Simons Island, GA's quaint and special Dog Shop with specialty collars, leashes, harnesses, bandannas, treats, and the largest variety of dog toys in the area. We also specilaize in dog obedience training from the area's most knowledgeable dog trainer, Lynn Klimp!

Lynn has tremendous animal background. Beginning in the early 1970's Lynn broke and trained horses at her stable on the Island. This training expanded to the canine world when she began to work with cattle horses and dogs in a working environment. Learning techniques from various dog trainers, she soon recognized and embraced the techniques needed for working with dogs both in a working environment and a home setting. In the 1980's, she worked at the University of Georgia Veterinarian School. During that time she acquired unique insight and knowledge of issues with canines and animals of all kinds. Lynn is a reward-based trainer and believes the dog is usually not the problem. She commonly finds that it is the owner who is not consistant with their dogs behavior. The first most common mistake seen by Lynn is over-correcting and under-rewarding. The second most common mistake is "feeling sorry for the dog" because it is a rescue or has had issues in the past.